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Redland Clay
Redland Clay

Redland Clay Tile. From the heart of the land. Naturally this ideal befits the name, because the clay of every two-piece Redland tile is truly of the earth.

A harmonious union with the very land that helped create it.

Historically, clay tile was formed by hand. As a result, personality was always a part of the handmade process.

A process that is perfectly imperfect, with pleasurable variations in color, texture and shape that identifies a bond between the craftsperson and the craft itself.


Redland Clay Tile Products


1. How are Redland Clay Tiles selected?
Review the tiles available to select a profile then select the color blend(s).

2. What does the term flashed mean
Redland creates authentic fire-flashed tiles through a kiln process that produces a burnt finish on the tiles. Unlike other manufacturers, Redlands flashed tiles are not created artificially by methods such as spray painting or coloring the tile.

3. Regarding the blends that are shown with three tiles, can a single tile be selected in that blend?
No. The three tiles pictured represent a random range of tiles that comprise the (multi-tile) blends. The inherent randomness of fire-flashing is not capable of being produced on a single tile.

4. What does sandcast mean
Sandcast is a term used to describe a matte-finished, textured tile manufactured with a rustic mud-wash surface and a thumb butt end.

5. What does thumb butt mean
When the clay is still wet the visible leading edge of the tile is pressed to create a raised edge.

6. What is a square of tile?
One square equals 100 square feet (10' x 10') of tile.

7. How many pieces of tile are in one square?
It varies. Two-Piece Mission tiles contain 154 pieces in one square. Two-Piece Mission Sandcast has 154 pieces. Baja Mission: 220 pieces, Baja Mission Sandcast: 220 pieces, Roman Pan tiles with Baja Mission tops: 152 pieces and Junipero tiles contain 232 pieces in one square.

8. How many pieces of tile are in one pallet?
It varies. Two-Piece Mission and Two-Piece Mission Sandcast have approximately 360 pieces. Baja Mission and Baja Mission Sandcast have approximately 550 pieces. Roman Pan and Junipero have approximately 420 pieces.

9. What is the current tile order lead time?
Please contact your regional Redlan Clay Tile representative regarding current lead times.

10. Can roof tile be purchased directly from Redland Clay Tile?
No. Redland Clay Tile sells tile through local roofing distributors. Contact Redland Clay Tile for a list of distributors.

11. How are samples ordered?
Samples can be requested by contacting Redland Clay Tile directly or by selecting profile samples on the Redland Clay Tile website.

12. What size are the samples?
Full size and mini tile samples can be requested.

13. What should be the maximum distance between each tile center during installation
It varies. Two-Piece Mission and Two-Piece Mission Sandcast is 11". Baja Mission and Baja Mission Sandcast is 9". Roman Pan (with Baja Mission and Baja Mission Sandcast tops) is 13" and Junipero is 9".

14. What are Redland Clay Tiles approval numbers?
ICC-ERS 1489 and ICBO ER 4300.

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