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First day of fall is here 9/22/17

Sonoma county is bountifulwithplants and trees, a perfect climate to grow wine grapesand gardens. Being the first day of fall its time to rake the leaves and clean the gutters. Leaves can build up in the gutters causing poor drainage to the downspouts. Gutter blockage from leavescan push water underneath the shingles causing the roof deck to get wet. The last time I cleaned gutters for a customer it wasn't as easy as I thought. Walking along the edge of the roof is a very dangerous proposition. I feel fortunateI have the trainingto evaluate danger zones and take appropriate safety measures. This allows me totake my time and clean the gutters with care so the sludge in the gutter doesn't get all over the place. One solution is leafgutter covers and they come in many different styles.Leaf gutter covers on one house may not work on an other house because the pitch of the roof may besteeper. Clean gutters go a long way to protecting your home so be carefully and alwaysthink "safetyfirst."

Posted by: Miguel
September 21, 2017
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